Legendary Leadership Workshop

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Scott Prickett, Executive Director of thequestlife.com

Scott Prickett, Executive Director of thequestlife.com

This workshop will feature the premier leadership lecturer and trainer from our area, Scott Prickett. Prickett is a Virginia licensed attorney, currently working as the Executive Director for thequestlife.com, a non-profit organization, based out of Hurst, TX. Prickett has extensive leadership experience as an Army officer, corporate manager, business owner, and non-profit leader. He and his wife, Julie, reside in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area where they enjoy their three children and grandson.

His topic: Ensuring long-term success in the wake of the Boomers; Figuring out how to attract, equip, and release the Millennials will include discussion on:

  • Boomers are retiring and there aren’t enough Gen-X’ers to take their place

  • The Future for Millennials is now

  • How do the retiring Boomers and aspiring X’ers make the turn?

  • The answer is in the room and we’re going to find it

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Our Legendary Leadership workshop will also feature one of Oklahoma’s premier lecturer and trainer, Jay Hannah, Executive Vice-President for Financial Services, BancFirst. Throughout his illustrious career, Mr. Hannah has held numerous leadership positions, served on many boards, and has been recognized as a noted speaker on the subject of leadership, including being a frequent speaker at the OML Community Leadership Development classes.

Mr. Hannah will not only bring his knowledge, but, his entertaining presentation style to this workshop. The session, Super Heroes Talk, will include topics, such as:

  • Looking for Good Superman vs. Evil Superman; how to tell the difference.

  • Good Leaders and Bad Leaders; skill sets used by both.

  • Why do we love Super Heroes, the elements of human influence.

  • Communication Assessment; A mandatory skill of all Super Heroes.